Spotlight on sustainable materials: NFPP and the next generation of vehicle interiors

Cockpit of the future

Faurecia has been the market leader in sustainable vehicle interiors since the 1980s, supporting some 40 programs from different carmakers across the globe thanks to pioneering techniques in injection and compression molding. By 2030 we aim to reduce the CO2 footprint of the materials we use by 87% and our engineers are innovating every day to improve the content, weight and sustainability of our interior products. 2013 saw the launch of our NAFILean range, which uses hemp fibers to create a recyclable lightweight composite. Now we’ve developed our new generation of NFPP products (high natural fiber-reinforced composites) to use more recycled content and bring added functionality. To date we’ve equipped more than 15 million vehicles. 

Since 2003, NFPP has been one of Faurecia’s key solutions for sustainable vehicle interiors. Shaped by compression molding with up to 50% natural fibers, NFPP halves the weight and CO2 emissions compared to similar all-plastic products. In the past three years alone, NFPP has helped us eliminate almost 2 million kg of plastic. Faurecia is now working on CO2 negative emissions NFPP products which use up to 100% recycled plastic polymers. Our sustainable materials reduce the demand for plastics and support our customers’ sustainability objectives, as well as our ambition to be CO2 neutral by 2030. 

As well as halving the weight and CO2 emissions versus all-plastic components, Faurecia’s natural fiber composite NFPP range creates interior parts in a wide variety of finishes. We’re even making the natural fibers visible! Ligneco highlights the fibrous aspect of the surface and can be combined with printing and embossing upgrading options. Our NFPP range can also be integrated with all of Faurecia’s latest solutions for vehicle interiors, including radiant panels, smart surfaces, and decorative lighting. This gives carmakers more flexibility to create their own unique aesthetic and functional design and gives their customers opportunities for customization and upgrading in the Cockpit of the Future.

Faurecia’s next generation NFPP products are designed to achieve the greatest weight reduction without sacrificing performance or mechanical properties.  rCF NFPP, incorporating a non-woven layer of 100% recycled carbon fiber, is recognized in the automotive industry as a leading solution for smart and sustainable interiors. Inspired by industries like aerospace and sourcing recycled carbon fiber, Faurecia’s rCF NFPP is 50% lighter than injected solutions and 25% lighter than standard compression-molded parts. Recycled carbon fiber uses one-tenth of the energy required to process virgin carbon fiber, and sourcing it supports the circular economy.  rCF NFPP expands the range of functional applications in vehicle interiors while optimizing the CO2 emissions associated with its production.   

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