Faurecia eyes personalization, energy savings with latest perceptual & immersive user experience solutions

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Faurecia, a company within group Forvia, one of the world’s leading automotive technology suppliers, is introducing its newest  perceptual image processing and immersive user experience solutions to the market during SID Display Week from May 10-12 in San Jose, California. The solutions build upon Faurecia’s first-to-market leadership in the perceptual display space, which features its IRYStec brand of enhanced cockpit display screens, and also address major industry megatrends including energy efficiency, personalization and safety.

“IRYStec is a pioneer in perceptual image processing and was first to incorporate elements such as learned color, eye aging, and perceived image quality into an automotive display,” said Tara Akhavan, founder and general manager of Faurecia IRYStec. “Our newest innovations provide consumers with a perceptual and immersive user experience while providing automakers with cost effective, energy efficient solutions.”

Building on its innovative breakthroughs, Faurecia is unveiling the following new perceptual image processing solutions:

MyDisplay is a platform solution that creates a personalized, enhanced visual experience. MyDisplay incorporates physiological algorithms that mimic how our eyes work to enhance the 3D, color, and brightness of the screen in one seamless process, thus providing a more personalized visual experience optimized for the driver’s specific needs and age.

Smart Dimming delivers 30 percent energy savings without compromising display screen quality.  Smart Dimming integrates with existing vehicle sensors, which enables a more cost-effective solution for automakers looking to minimize commodities costs, reduce weight, and optimize battery utilization while maintaining image quality.

Camera Visual Enhancement incorporates smart image processing and sensors i to compensate for inclement weather affects on external cameras within electronic mirrors, rearview and surround view cameras. Screen readability increases by up to 50 percent in night, rain, fog or snow, which helps create a safer driving experience.

Immersive Display is a next-generation system that combines high and low-definition screen areas to create a seamless user experience. Customizable to screen shapes and sizes, we create an immersive display experience within the entire cockpit.

Perceptual image processing combines physiological principles such as eye aging, perceived quality, and learned color with computer science algorithms to optimize display screens for individual users. Faurecia was one of the first suppliers to commercialize this innovation in the automotive space with its first-to-market Perceptual Display Platform Vision that launched in 2020 on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet.

Visit www.displayweek.org for more information about SID Display Week and www.forvia.com to learn more about our technologies.


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