working at faurecia

Being Faurecia

A shared culture focused on creating value for our employees, clients, shareholders and suppliers. We encourage our Faurecians to reach their maximum potential by promoting them according to their performance.

Our Convictions and Values are at the heart of our culture and guide our mindset, behaviours and key transformation initiatives such as our ambition to be CO2 Neutral by 2030. Our shared culture empowers teams to balance short-term execution and sustainable long-term ambition.

Our managerial values (Entrepreneurship, Autonomy and Accountability) and behavioral values (Respect, Exemplarity and Energy), form an integral part of our corporate culture. Based on our Convictions, our action plans for sustainability focus on three areas, Planet, Business, and People, with initial quantifiable results expected around 2022. Together, these mobilize employees to achieve ambitious goals, deliver excellence and develop innovative solutions for future mobility.