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With 266 industrial sites, 39 R&D centers and 114,000 employees in 35 countries, Faurecia is a top ten global automotive supplier.

Faurecia’s mission is to develop technologies for Sustainable Mobility and to create personalized experiences for the Cockpit of the Future. At the same time, we offer solutions to meet the challenges of future generations in line with our Convictions.

Faurecia has a proud history in the United States. As one of the largest vehicle markets in the world, Faurecia’s 29 U.S locations provide automakers with the latest Cockpit of the Future and Sustainable Mobility technologies.

As a global leader with strong convictions for sustainable development, we seek and cultivate a diversity of talents. Together, we are inspiring the future of mobility.

Faurecia US has become a key piece for the automotive industry thanks to its firm commitment to the digitization of processes, in which each plant can monitor its production in real time, as well as analyze efficiency and action plans to detail.

We have the presence of our four Business Groups:

  • Interiors
  • Seating
  • Clean Mobility
  • Clarion Electronics

We are distributed in:

  • 22 productive sites
  • 7 Research and Development Centers
  • 1 Shared Services Center.

In addition, we have a training and development center called Faurecia University.

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