Anticipating tomorrow

As a global leader in automotive technologies, Faurecia is anticipating all the challenges of a changing industry. With the help of strategic partnerships with companies, start-ups and academia within an open innovation ecosystem, Faurecia technologies address two key aspects of mobility: the Cockpit of the Future for a safer, more comfortable, and more intuitive experience in the cockpit of the future, and Sustainable Mobility for cleaner and more environmentally-friendly transportation around the world. 

  • Cockpit of the future

The automotive industry is experiencing a major transformation driven by societal and environmental trends leading to an acceleration of autonomous driving, electrification and new mobility solutions. 

As a result, automakers are facing new challenges to make vehicles more intuitive, connected and personalized. To meet evolving expectations, Faurecia’s vision for the Cockpit of the Future focuses on providing a more versatile, predictive and connected environment that aims to personalize the journey and enable occupants to make the most of their time on board. 

  • Sustainable mobility

The need to balance mobility aspirations with reduced environmental impact has led to ever more stringent regulations across the world aimed at minimizing vehicle emissions. Air quality and energy efficiency have been at the heart of Faurecia’s sustainable mobility innovation for over 15 years. Faurecia is now investing significantly in technologies for both battery electric vehicles and fuel cell solutions as well as continuing to focus on lightweighting and other fuel economy solutions. In terms of air quality, Faurecia is expanding its passenger vehicle expertise towards commercial vehicles, high horsepower engines, fleets and cities. 


Key figures

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