What we stand for

As a company we believe in making a positive contribution to society. The individual and collective efforts of our Faurecian community embody our values and convictions every day.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Faurecia Foundation supports projects proposed each year by employees, helping us to make a bigger impact on issues related to the environment, education, and mobility. In addition, our employees are regularly involved in programs to give back to their local communities through donations or volunteering.

Carbon neutral

We have set an ambitious target to be carbon neutral by 2030. Deployment is starting this year, focusing on four work streams: energy and waste savings in plants, ecodesign, recycled and bio-materials, purchasing and transportation.

Help people grow

Faurecia is committed to ensuring the employability of our staff throughout their working life with lifelong learning, professional mobility, and on-the-job training. We offer 21.8 hours of training on average per employee per year.

Diversity, an energizer for business

We value diversity and involve all Faurecians in creating an inclusive work environment which values each person’s individuality, fosters individual development, and actively counters unconscious bias.