Navigating today’s increasingly complex business and legal environment requires more than expert analysis. Company leaders need trusted advisors capable of providing guidance on strategic issues and proposing solutions to challenging circumstances. That’s where Faurecia’s Legal team comes in.

The Legal department has multiple roles. It protects the interests of all stakeholders in ensuring that the company’s principles of business integrity are well understood and adhered to, in all places where Faurecia does business and at all times.

Legal team members are also advocates for the company’s business interests. They monitor changes in the legal and regulatory environment that could potentially affect Faurecia’s business. As a true business partner, Legal acts as a consultant on a vast array of subjects, including contracts with customers and suppliers, litigation, regulatory issues, international commercial transactions and investments.

Legal team members also add value by raising internal awareness of emerging issues, providing objective analysis of risks and helping to identify sustainable solutions that lead to positive business outcomes.