Become part of a true community

For Faurecia, culture is far from an abstract concept. Valued as an essential ingredient in our company’s growth strategy, culture is something we talk about, nurture and celebrate.

Our “Being Faurecia” culture is based on the values of entrepreneurship, autonomy and accountability, respect, energy and exemplarity. It underlies our ability to create value and maintain our leading edge in our industrial processes, product offer and work practices. Our culture is also what enables us to transform ourselves and adapt to new challenges and trends.

Inspired by this approach, our “Faurecian” community of 122,000 employees around the world drives our success through a culture of performance and long-term value creation.

Having a positive impact on society

At Faurecia, we have convictions and believe that companies must have a positive impact on Society. Faurecia gives to its employees fundraising, partnership and volunteering opportunities along the year to help local communities all around the world. The annual FUELS Food Drive is a signature program in Faurecia's North America community outreach. Faurecia seeks to support non-profit organizations doing important work in our communities in numerous ways such as volunteer projects, skills-based volunteerism to drive impact, providing financial support for team-driven projects, and providing sponsorships and donations to local events and organizations.